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    I have just acquired a 1936 Austin Ruby, a couple of things I can’t sort out
    1 how do I fit a front bumper, I have the blade but no brackets
    2 what is the starting procedure, I have a rotary switch with Liw charge high charge and lighting controls
    3 are the breaks easy to adjust

    Thanks Adrian

    Dennis Nicholas

    Look at item 1A5374 for the bracket that fits to the chassis nose. The holes on each end are for pinch bolts. Flat strip steal brackets fit on the bumper and their ends push into the above nose bracket.
    Do a google search for Austin 7 spares and ring round/email various dealers who may have second hand items.
    The low charge position is for summer or similar low battery use times (little use of lights) to charge the battery at a low rate; High for charging battery at a higher rate and when using lights; lights should be obvious….side and head lights.
    Starting:- Rotary switch has nothing to do with starting; switch car electrics/ignition on with ignition key, may need to pull out carb choke control if cold temperature, pull starter pull knob to make contact on starter motor across to live battery ……should start after turning engine over a few times. May need to retard ignition with advance/retard leaver that moves the distributor (cant remember if Ruby has one or just auto retard/advance in it)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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