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    Perna Satpo

    The word “Baptism” is a transcription of the Greek “baptizo” which means ‘to immerse’. It is referred to as “mikveh” – an immersion, in Hebrew.Baptism as the central sacrament was adopted by John the Baptist in his messianic movement. John the Baptist was a 1st-century preacher. He baptized Jews in the River Jordan. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, at the start of his ministry. (Information credit:

    From the start, Baptism has been part of Christianity. There are various references in The Pauline epistles and Acts of the Apostles.

    It is the “act of obeisance symbolizing the believer’s faith in a crucified, buried, and risen Saviour; the believer’s death to sin, the burial of his old life, and finally the resurrection in newness of life in Jesus. It is a testimony to the believer’s faith in the final resurrection of the dead.”
    In a broader sense, Baptism is the first major step towards divinity in any Catholic’s life. This major event takes place during infancy preparing the child for the Holy confirmation. Although baptizing with water is the most common form, there are other types too.

    Types of Baptism

    This is the most common form of Baptism. In John 1:33, it is mentioned that one must be rebornof water and the Holy Spirit. This form of baptism has been in use for almost a millennium; with some slight differences:

  • Immersion: Some Christian denominations fully immerse a person in water three times while saying the invocation of the Holy Trinity, “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”
  • Aspersion: Others sprinkle water on the forehead of the person while invoking the Trinitarian formula.
  • Infusion: Some Catholics baptize by pouring water over the head while the Trinitarian formula is invoked.
  • Blood
    During the Roman persecutions, the notion of baptism by your own blood found its relevance. This emphasizes the martyrs who bleed to death for their faith, deserve the same divine mercy of God as those who are baptised by water. In Matthew 2:16, Herod killed many infants, in an attempt to kill the new-born Jesus.Theseinfants are referred to astheHoly innocents. Since they saved Jesus’s life with their own blood and lives, they are martyrs too.

    ‘Anonymous Christians’ is the term by which people who lack knowledge of Christ’s teachings are referred to. The Catholic Church believes that their ignorance is not deliberate or conscious, just that they did not have anyone to teach them better. These people live good, moral lives; in other words, a ‘Christian’ life. Such persons have a good heart and are assumed to have animplicit desire to be baptized without knowing about it. If they were shown the right path, they would get baptised by water willingly.
    Baptism is not only a symbol. Its meaning and significance run deeper than just the surface. This is one of the biggest ceremonies in the Catholic community.


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What the F—- this got to do with Austin seven group and how did it get past the moderators

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