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  • Dave Waller posted an update in the group Group logo of Kent CentreKent Centre 1 year, 3 months ago

    The next meeting of the Kent Centre, on Tuesday March 12th, is a talk by David Ralph. He has visited us before and his illustrated talks on a variety of motoring/transport subjects are always well received. Meet from 7.30 for an 8.00pm start.

  • Hi Harry
    I have just been advised by a friend unable to reply direct to your posting that he had a similar problem. He found that his petrol tank had been lined many years ago and that the ethanol in modern petrol was dissolving it. What he found was that after running the engine for a while after it cooled the residue in the fuel had formed…[Read more]

  • Hello John
    Just seen your posting. To the best of my knowledge/memory the runners should be one piece. Will be the only way to get a smooth action.

  • Dave Waller replied to the topic Clock in the forum Electrics 1 year, 10 months ago

    Varies on condition but I’ve seen them from £40 – £70. They are fairly common. Make nice desktop clocks when put in a frame.

  • Hi Peter
    EPG 614 belonged to a member of the Austin Seven Owners’ Club until 2011. We have no record of it or the member since then. The condition was at the time was described as very good.
    The Senlac Centre is part of the A7OC (London) and will be pleased to welcome you. You can download a Membership form from this site or open the…[Read more]

  • Colin, I have always bought my A7 spare keys from sellers at the bigger Autojumbles, Beaulieu etc. They usually have hundreds of used keys. You should have a number stamped on the barrel where the key goes in. However, it might be worth trying this seller on ebay…[Read more]

  • Dave Waller replied to the topic Austin 7 pickups in the forum General 2 years, 3 months ago

    Don’t think they ever made a pick up version although it is believed there was a six wheel version used around the factory. Possibly built by apprentices.

  • Dave Waller replied to the topic Austin 7 1934 in the forum General 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Peter
    I have checked on the A7CA Register and there isn’t any record of it. However it is still on record with the DVLA but listed as not taxed for road use or MOT. This could mean it has been scrapped before it was compulsory to advise DVLA or is awaiting restoration somewhere.
    Dave Waller

  • Just been looking through the postings and hope you have sorted out your problems but a very useful book is the Austin Seven Manual by Doug Woodrow, Available from Mercury Vintage Publications. Not cheap but it is a big book and worth its weight in gold. Buy new as for some reason trying to buy from eBay people pay over the odds thinking it is out…[Read more]

  • Bit of an old posting but might help others. Assuming it is a Ruby bonnet, fitted at three points by the centre hinge rod to a bracket at the radiator end mounted on the centre cross piece, in the middle by a special bolt through which the hinge rod passes and another bracket at the scuttle end.
    Ideally needs two people to lift off and refit as it…[Read more]

  • Dave Waller replied to the topic Shocks in the forum Suspension / Wheels 2 years, 7 months ago

    Hi Tony
    Bilstein shocks are totally different both in action and design to those fitted to Austin Sevens which use friction disc shock absorbers. Maybe OK for specials, trials cars etc., but mountings would have to be redesigned.

  • Hi can any body help me with a electrical problem I have,
    I am building a chummy and it has come to the point we’re I have to work out the electrics
    Starting with what I have ,
    1928 chassis with a 1930 engine which has been rebuilt
    That’s what I started with
    (Body now finished)
    I have purchase a loom, but what I really need is a regulator ,so…[Read more]

  • Dave Waller started the topic BOB CROSS in the forum General 2 years, 11 months ago

    It is with great regret and sadness that I have to report the passing of Bob Cross, Secretary of the Austin Seven Owners’ Club and also of the Kent Centres, on Friday 16th June 2017. Bob had been bravely fighting cancer for some months. He did so much for the Austin Seven world and will be sorely missed. Our condolences go to Sylvia, his sons…[Read more]

  • Dave Waller posted an update in the group Group logo of Kent CentreKent Centre 2 years, 11 months ago

    I am very sorry to have to report that Bob Cross, our Centre Secretary and Secretary of the Austin Seven Owners’ Club (London), passed away on Friday 16th June 2017. Our thoughts are with his family, Sylvia, and sons Stuart and Neil and granddaughter Lara.

  • Bognor Brian started the topic Engin will not start in the forum Engines 3 years ago

    Hi my Austin 7 Engine won’t start
    It is bolted to a engine frame on the bench looking very clean but is won’t start
    I have:-
    Checked the timing gears 5 or 6 times
    Checked the distributor Roter arm position
    I have lamp connect to the +- of the coil to tell me when the points are open or closed
    New distributor cap , point, roter arm and condenser…[Read more]

  • Can any one explain to me how a 3 piece bonnet works .
    What stops the whole thing rolling off the car when you open one side.

  • Bognor Brian replied to the topic Voltage regulator in the forum Electrics 3 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks DAVE I new it had to be marked somewhere.

  • Dave Waller replied to the topic Voltage regulator in the forum Electrics 3 years, 1 month ago

    Sometimes they are marked on the body moulding between the fuse mountings but also on the moving metal contact over the top of the coil.

  • Can any one tell me if there are any markings on a voltage regulator to show if it is a 6 or 12 volt regulator.

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