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  • I am still none the wiser as to what the torque tube ball end felt seal and its holder look like or where it was located and how held in position. However have been told it is not necessary as it was to stop axle oil leaking out the front and if a bearing with a seal on one side is used that will perform the same function.

  • Thanks Tony……believe that would be a waterproof grease??.
    I am actually intending to use a grease with AFMT (Anti Friction Metal Treatment) in it. AFMT developed by PROLONG in the USA… Synionic in this country and marketed by Silverline.
    Tis genuine stuff as shown by independent lab tests including MIRAS lab report – to be added to any…[Read more]

  • Look at item 1A5374 for the bracket that fits to the chassis nose. The holes on each end are for pinch bolts. Flat strip steal brackets fit on the bumper and their ends push into the above nose bracket.
    Do a google search for Austin 7 spares and ring round/email various dealers who may have second hand items.
    The low charge…[Read more]

  • Subject – torque tube ball end felt seal and its housing. (for my 1938/39 rear axle).
    Items shown in spares list 1586 (Oct 1937) as – Housing = 1A7640  Felt 2K5560. This appears to be standard to all torque tubes after at least 1936 including being shown on the Big Seven spares list 1598A and B.

    Front being the front of the car:- Where does it fi…[Read more]

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