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    Roger Armstrong

    Greetings, I am restoring a July 1929 chummy with coil ignition and gate change gearbox. The car has fabric type beading between body and running boards/scuttle/rear wings. Other AD chummies I have seen do not have this feature yet there is no sign that the body has ever been lifted. Is this right? I have the windscreen off at present. There are a couple of small tapped holes on the inside centre. Anyone know what these were meant for? Also another couple of tapped holes on the right side steel support, one with the remains of a very coarse thread screw broken off inside. Any ideas about these? Looking at the windscreen, it has a mazak type suction wiper. No sign that the cylindrical Lucas suction type wiper was ever fitted as no fixing holes. I presume this is correct. The nickel radiator surround currently has bonnet tape. Other cars have rubber here and I have bought some. How does this fit?


    Dave Waller

    Hi Roger
    Thanks for starting off our Forum. Unfortunately I’m more familiar with later Sevens but hope that you will encourage other Members to help with your enquiries in this Forum.
    Dave Waller



    How is your restoration project coming along?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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